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The Soco Studio is Austin TX's supplier of the most energy efficient and environmentally sensitive building products on the planet. Through a close partnership with our suppliers, we help our clients to understand the benefits of energy efficient and environmentally sensitive windows and doors.

Window installation is a precise business, which rises to something of an art form for complex units such as bi-fold doors. Having your installation done right makes a huge difference to the effectiveness of the units in-place, the manufacturer's willingness to abide by its warranty and the likelihood of air, water and dust infiltration. The Soco Studio provides AAMA certified installation which is in line with our manufacturers' warranty requirements.

Services Offered:

  • Window Installation
  • Home Remodels
  • Home Additions
  • Energy Efficient Windows
Find a Qualified Austin Window Installation Company

We love our windows because they let in the light and give us a view of the outside world but we don’t enjoy our windows quite so much if they are cold and drafty. If this sounds like your windows maybe it’s time to call a qualified Austin window installation company. Windows can become inefficient over time and they simply can’t do the job that they use to. This is especially true of older style wood framed windows. The panes become loose once the glazing dries out and windows need re-glazing every few years. You may also find yourself putting up storm windows in the fall only to have to replace them with screens in the summer.

Possibly one of the easiest ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home and make it look great at the same time is to install new windows. New windows can instantly increase the value of your home by thousands; giving you an excellent return for your investment should you decide to sell. But window installation is best left to the professionals as it’s not an easy homeowner project. You need to contact a reliable Austin window installation company to make certain the job is done right.

Where to Look for a Qualified Austin Window installation Company

It’s important to use a dependable Austin window installation company when you decide to have new windows installed. Talking with other people is usually a good way of locating a window installation company. Word gets around when there’s a company that has a reputation for quality service. Talk with everyone you know and ask if they’ve had any experience with an Austin window installation company. Look under “Windows” in the yellow pages of your phone book. General contractors will often be listed with the window installation experts because windows are an important part of the home construction and remodeling trade. If you do a search of the internet you can find several directories that provide a list of reliable window installation companies along with ratings from customers. Sometimes you will find an Austin window installation company that maintains its own website. This can be very useful in helping you learn more about the company before you contact them.

The Austin Window Installation Company Interview

Once you’ve located a number of promising companies, set up an appointment with a Austin window installation company representative. They will visit with you and discuss the types of windows that will be right for your home. He can also talk with you about the various types of windows you can choose from like fixed pane, casement windows, single-hung or double-hung. They are very knowledgeable as to the types of windows will best suit the style of your home and discuss any major changes you might have in mind.

Take the time to ask some questions. You’ll need to find out if the Austin window installation company has a license and if they carry liability insurance. You may think this is a ridiculous question to ask a reputable company but you really do need to verify that. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask! You don’t want to take this risk where your home and money are involved. Ask for copies of the company’s license and liability insurance. Call the contractor’s board of licensing and the insurance policy carrier to make certain the documents are current. Make certain that the Austin window installation company also carries workers compensation to cover all its employees. You could be found liable for medical and other expenses if an employee is injured on your property and there is no workers comp in place.

After the Austin window installation company rep has a look at your house he will write up a quote for you, including the cost of the windows you want installed, the cost of any extra materials as well as labor charges. The estimate will also include your payment options and available terms. You want to make certain a time frame is included as well, though most companies can install your windows in a day.

Choosing Your Austin Window Installation Company

After talking with several window installation companies and getting some estimates, spend some time going over your options. It’s true that a low quote will be easy on your budget but you need to make sure the quality of work is still up to par. But the highest bid won’t guarantee you that you’ll get the best service or quality work either.

You’ll find that your earlier research can be useful in this case. There may be little information about one window installation company while another may be well known in the community. It’s important to go with your feelings on this but at the same time don’t lose sight of the fact that the best deal from any Austin window installation company is one that offers you good service at a fair price.

It’s important to get it in writing once you’ve chosen the company you want to work with. No matter how well known an Austin window installation company might be, you need to have a contract. A contract keeps it all legal and explains your options if there should ever be a problem with your windows. A contract is just a part of responsible business practice.

Remember that your new windows are an investment in the future of your home. Windows will not only make your home look great but they will add to its value as well. You can significan'tly add to the selling price of a home with energy efficient windows. But it all requires the services of a reliable company to make certain the job is done right. The time you put into searching for a quality Austin window installation company can prove to be a wise investment for your home.


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